👾 VICE Media, i-D 

Digital content creation

VICE is a digital media and broadcasting company, which specializes in publishing a magazine that covers information on various subjects, such as music, fashion, photos, art and technology. It also produces and licenses its content for mobile, TV, film and magazine companies and publishes videos across various content categories for the web. 


Since 2012, I have been a content creator for VICE Media and its different platforms. 
My work has centered on art and digital creativity, but secretly my passion lies in pursuing the strange corners of the internet, including niche subjects like this, coping with my Hatsune Miku addiction, diving into the mind of genius creatives like this Gundam-inspired Japanese designer or just exploring the esoteric madness that you can find late at night. I approach my topics from an incisive angle and aim to give my subjects a unique voice.