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The egg's adventure in bugland, 2021, Digital Illustration

If you're looking for a refreshing narrative, are trying to avoid the soul-less corpoverse, or just want to drop off either your FOMO and stresses, Riniifish's eyes candy series of digital paintings could be an excellent alternative to get rid of bad vibes. Well, even if her psychedelic micro-universe lives through the NFT space, the way she approaches this controversial environment is, above all, an attempt to set free her gummy caterpillars within the so-called decentralized internet rather than being only focussed on generating profits.

"I'm a human, not a bug, but I suddenly discovered these little beings one day and made a strong connection with them," she said when asked who she was. Riniifish is an Hangzhou-based promising media artist who candidly depicts bugs and mollusks to create the colorful world she has been stuck in for the last few years. Colonized by numerous slug-ish creatures, the ever-growing digitized tale she made out of her mind evolves as endearing characters stick to the narrative –or leave. "My work starts with a certain creature. Gradually more and more creatures appear, and they are connected to form one or more images with a deep story that I build in a fragmented way," she explained, adding that she is living her best life surrounded by her numerous odd little friends. "What I like about these beings is that they are all 'small'. I like all the tiny creatures, including my dog Yoshi, who weighs only two pounds."

RINII&FISH, 2021, Digital Illustration

A self-confidence strengthening project...

As a geneticist would do using genomic approaches, she creates hybrid forms of life, fluorescent blobs, and bizarre organs using digital tools and software. "I use Procreate and Final Cut," she told me. "Only this year I found out Final Cut is so good, I just want to recommend it to all those who need to edit. Anyway, Procreate is the tool I use the most often along with an iPad Apple themselves gifted me (I didn't have money to buy one before that 🥺)," she said, adding that she used to work with a digital board, which was a little bit tricky.

Riniifish's multi-layered creations draw inspiration from many corners. From electronic music, movies, and saturated iridescent colors to pleasant and negative emotions, the whole narrative also deals with key specificities that she witnessed within human and insect societies. Indeed, bugs and our worlds have their own logic, laws, and scales. Not in Riniifish's odd artificial universe though. Imagination triggering, playful yet mindful, introverted Rinnii's irrational world aims to help people be self-aware, knowing their strengths, weaknesses, critical voice, and self-limiting beliefs –a priceless contribution to the community.

Heart throb, 2021, Digital Illustration

...powered by the community 🐌🌐

Like many other artists, she got drawn into the NFT craze last year. Keeping her well-oiled workflow, she started using web3 to deepen her narrative and use this new creative space to share her art widely and connect with a whole new community. "I have e-made so many new artist friends, big and small, people who love art, and this is what I find most interesting and valuable in that space." And she doesn't intend to stop there. Indeed, she plans to step up her web-based social game to get her bugs to reach more and more fans and collectors, either as tokens or as printed artworks.

Finally, a VR realm could be the next chill zone for her friendly bugs besides continuing her crypto journey. "I've had discussions with a Japanese artist I've worked with before, Tomoro-san, and I hope we can collaborate in some way next, including VR/AR bugs, which is slightly more complicated to achieve, but I hope to try it sometime soon," she concluded.

Riniifish is on Instagram, Twitter, and Foundation.

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