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The URL-timate beauty routine by French digital artist iηες αlρhα

© iηες αlρhα

While the drastic digital exodus has been setting up new beauty standards and a craving for the neatest screen-based self, AR apps have been increasing in number. However, if most of these tools are just entertaining digital artifices, Inès Alpha’s e-makeup filters are not only fun to play through. Her futuristic 3D creations question edge-of-reality and self-awareness related topics, and the meta-aesthetics that emanate from them have caught the eyes of many creatives. Without any surprise, they made it to the digital art debate.

A collaboration with Panteros666 unlocked the metaverse gate...🔑

Alpha has been rocking the fashion world for the past decade, during which she has contributed to the industry as a creative director. As her eyes grew accustomed to visually appealing products, which satisfied her appetite for colours’ materiality, this long ride, though, brought her to think outside of the box. She started examining the sociological perspectives behind cosmetics, how they can empower people and unfold creative stories.

At that time, she was also self-learning 3D software in her spare time and found herself working with electronic music wizard, Panteros666, on several CGI videos. Their collaboration unlocked the gate to uncanny Xtra-dimensional spaces inhabited by weird life-forms and broadened her perception of realities.

From there, she decided to deepen her phygital exploration and to merge makeup and cutting-edge tech through a unique forward thinking approach, which displays her signature style.

Ines alpha x Bimba Y Lola /// THIS IS HUMAN, 2019

… and led to AR filters that enhance storytelling around self-awareness.🔗

For Inès, producing these 3D layers has been a way to escape the ups and downs of reality or at least to make it more fun. She creates ethereal, colorful futuristic AR filters a “robot might wear to the MET Gala in the year 3052” and that can raise your URL swag or make you cute AF. But don't think she does it only for the gram.

Beyond the iridescent social network party, her artworks aim to open up meaningful discussions. As never-log-off behavior has become the new normal, she offers optimistic alternatives to those struggling with self-confidence. Using 3D software, the latest tech tools, and augmented reality, Inès merges both the real and the virtual to build a new future within beauty space, a progressive perspective that buries cosmetics preconceived ideas.

Indeed, both easy-to-use and inclusive, her web-only wearable e-makeup rolls out a participative process that, because of the countless faces the artworks merge with, always adds new content to the shared ongoing story. This, without anything else than an internet connection.

Ines alpha x Cin Cin x ImPulsTanz /// Festival campaign, 2021

NFTs space as a new playground.🌐

As expected, digital-tools enthusiast Inès has recently begun exploring the NFTs realm —thanks to Nicole Ruggiero introducing her to the game. Well, Alpha's still a newcomer, but there's no doubt that with the boundless possibilities of crypto and web3, and the community-driven space offered by the blockchain, we are about to witness her stunning creative practice reach the next level.

This new creative economy is already a game-changer for her, mainly because of the specifics of the decentralization philosophy and protocols (including copyright safety and COA). However, that is not all. The ever-evolving tech side of the NFT platforms will also allow her to expand the scope of her e-makeup in the making. In a recent talk with Foundation, she demonstrated her growing interest in exploring the new 3D feature offered by FND and confessed that she is looking forward to the AR feature (I mean, we all do).

And money-wise, of course, she likes the sort of open, free to enjoy, and accessible side of her work, but we live in a capitalist world. Like every artist, life can be a hassle until you become financially independent. Hence, minting her creations and putting them up to auction is an opportunity she must take.

Inès is on Instagram, Twitter, and Foundation.

BONUS* I reached out to my french fellow, asking how to be the best version of myself. Here is what she came back with:

1.Look at yourself in your digital mirror device. This is yourself through a specific lens. Even though there is no filter on yet, this is not how you’re supposed to see yourself, nor how other people see you. This is just one version of the digital you. Breathe through that thought!

2.What mood are you in today? How do you feel? How are you physically dressed? What or who do you identify with? What do you want to express today? Do you want to stand out? Maybe you feel like you’d rather hide? What persona do you want to be today? Which personality trait do you wish to embrace? Something from another planet or time? Think of colors, shapes, textures, emotions …

3.Digital elements are going to pop out on your URL self. Feel free to adjust or transform to fit your personality today. Save your 3D makeup routine when you’re happy so you can come back to it later or share it with the community! Or maybe you feel like you don’t want to wear anything today and feel great with your physical form? Come back when you feel different. =)

Ines alpha x Nicole Ruggiero /// tears in the wind, 2018

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