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・゚✧・゚:* I lost myself within kyt’s recent NFT In the Flesh ∼

All pictures & videos © kyt

Browsing the internet for delightful screen-based art has never been that exciting. With the numerous auction platforms, new experimental exhibition spaces, NFTwitter, or even Discord, kick-ass artworks are popping up all over the web, bringing a new art crush almost every other day. Until recently, I thought Real enough and Angel Fragments, two machine learning-generated paintings by digital artist kyt could be my yearly favorites. But that was before she released In the Flesh, her most recent creation that is also a level-up version of the two paintings I mentioned above. If you know me just a lil’ bit, you shouldn't be surprised that I fell for her art. Right?

From Myspace and Casey Reas' courses to Crypto 🧠

Kytten Janae aka kyt is a Los Angeles-based artist. She has been stuck on the internet since her childhood and, like many of us, had a big moment customizing her Myspace using basic CSS and HTML to compete with friends' pages. This early encounter with code, kicked off a love affair with creative coding and digital tools, which led her to eventually attend Processing co-creator Casey Reas’ courses within the UCLA Media Arts program.

Going through such intensive classes allowed her to master software and coding skills, and also to develop her critical thinking towards digital culture issues. For more than a decade now, she has been exhibiting in art institutions, gallery spaces, and events, as well as nailing her various freelance gigs with her cross-technique experimental animation. Last year, she finally got sucked into the crypto vortex, became an NFT mainstay, and logically joined Foundation as Director of Collector Relations a few months ago.

kyt's AI-generated moe girls are as cute as they are disorienting

Of course, the clever use of CGI, AI and her self-made ᴋʏᴛ𝗚𝗮𝗻 𝘷𝘦𝘳 1.5_𝒜𝓃𝑔𝑒l𝘔𝘦𝘴𝘩𝘦𝘳, to generate this artwork caught my attention at first, but the otaku in me got hyped up too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The Moe-stylized characters resulting from the whole creative process also had their effect. This well-balanced mix of a mature tech-driven approach and anime aesthetics makes In the flesh so lit and a priceless contribution to the Cryptoart space. However, once you get over the tech-geeky side, things are getting even more exciting. kyt's creation invites us to meditate on insatiable desire and the limitations of reality, and it works pretty much well.

Along with a perfect-fit dreamy soundscape by her longtime collaborator Philip Rugo, the 30-second, eye-catching, tokenized video depicts a CG robot inhabited by GAN-generated anime girls. That soft pastel-colored composition, probably surreal to many, outlines how DigiGen experiences and challenges the boundary of the so-called reality. Indeed, mentalities and behaviors have evolved and physicality is not anymore the ruling trend for most of us. Rushes towards the intangible, virtual space explorations and journeys to the metaverse have become the real-deal as technologies and protocols allow us to create and dive into new worlds and come across new feelings.

This whole conceptualization runs through In the flesh I feel, and the welcoming hand motions of the robot, inviting us to explore the yet untamed overlapping realities to which the artwork refers, was a serious trap for me.

I wish I had had crypto$ to spend when she minted that piece and put it for auction at Sotheby's. Next time, if I get rich!

kyt is on instagram, twitter and Foundation.

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