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I’m from the south of France and I’m currently based in Tokyo. Over the last 10 years, I’ve been involved in an array of new media art, digital creativity, tech and media related-projects. I've worked my magic on social media platforms and created engaging, content-enhancing, and traffic-driving digital strategies. I have also worked on the coordination of many innovative projects, from idea to delivery.

Besides that, I’ve kept digging into my all-time favorite topic: the internet. Through personal curatorial initiatives, researches and writings, I explored issues such as networked cultures, social media practices, media archeology, crypto, online personas and how the internet affects our culture. I completed a master’s degree of research in arts, design and digital media at Paris-Sorbonne University, as well as a master’s degree of philosophy and visual studies at Lyon Jean Moulin University and Florida International University in Miami.   


I’m an enthusiast for fast-paced environments and a team player who prefers to listen and partner, rather than analyze and tell.


Currently open to freelance contracts.

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Browsing the internet
Cleaning up messy Google Sheets
Interacting with avatars and robots
Petting cats

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Born: South of France
Lived: Paris, Lyon, Miami, NYC, Montreal
Current: Tokyo

Français, English, 日本語

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