👾 2092 - Online project

Project coordinator - Curator

While the Metaverse is not a fantasy anymore, and realities have been overlapping drastically, digitally-created characters are taking over many aspects of our daily life. In art, creative fields, and social spaces, screen-based beings are omnipresent like never before, and only increasing in number—the post-pandemic digital urge has unveiled the beginning of a new era.

Avatars have been around since the early 1970s when Steve Colley and Howard Palmer, at NASA, unveiled MazeWar: the very first multiplayer game to represent players as organic beings. Since then, their use has never stopped evolving. From the Commodore 64-based world Habitat in the 1980s to the early multiplayer games and virtual social spaces in the 1990s to the release of Second Life in 2003—which represents to many the take-off of the phenomenon and a crucial moment of the social web—, the use of visual personas has been common through the web. However, if they were ever only a substitute for a screen name, this is certainly not the case anymore.

2092 aims to examine this evolution through the artworks of artists making different uses of virtual beings or digitized-augmented-self to expand their art practice and create deeper personal narratives. As screen devices become an extension of our body, and the internet and URL hangouts create new behaviors to comprehend, browser-based characters, AR-enhanced humans, and even 3D scan alter egos unfold new social perspectives and creative solutions to better understand the ultra-connected world we live through.

Either to question our existence in the virtual realm or to offer a dystopian perspective, this exhibition highlights how these CG entities can be used critically within the constantly changing internet.

Artists: Pussykrew, Sabrina Ratté, Nicole Ruggiero x Ines Alpha, Keiken, Andrew Thomas Huang, Chris Dorland, Team Rolfes, Eva Papamargariti.

  • Project coordination & curation: Benoit Palop &  Arthur Gaillard

  • Website: Emilie Gervais

  • Graphic design: Oret Papé

  • Presented by MUTEK.JP